A Letter of Appreciation for Shri Arvind Kejriwal re. “Chief Minister Advocates’ Welfare Scheme”

Dear Kejriwal-bhai,

I trust you will allow me the liberty of addressing you in this rather affectionate but respectful manner, being as I am a die-hard, hardly-alive 67-year-old senior citizen and supporter of your AAP government in Dilli.

I am writing to compliment you for launching the ‘Chief Minister Advocates’ Welfare Scheme’ (CMAWS). Surely, this must rank as the world’s most wonderful Group Life-cum-Health Insurance scheme launched by the government for the benefit of one of the most  vulnerable, impoverished  and persecuted sections of the common citizenry—in this case, the community of Advocates registered with the Bar Council of Delhi.

I first came to know of CMAWS barely two weeks ago— on April 1st, from a report in my Times of India paper. By a curious and perhaps unfortunate coincidence the report on C-MAWS was next to an article informing me that our poor AAP leader Manish Sisodia-bhai had been denied bail despite the best efforts of his Advocates.

And because of this coincidence, Kejriwal-bhai,  I did not believe what I read about CMAWS that day.

It was April 1st, no?  

Hah,  I told myself, this CMAWS sounds so good it is too good to be true!  Sab bakwaas, I told myself, these saale badmaash Times of India patrakaars are making one nice April Fool joke just to keep us readers cheerful while Modi and Shah and all their nasty BJP-wallahs are doing zulum and chillum on all of us with CBI and ED and all, and and persecuting and prosecuting and jailing our dear Sisodia-bhai and Jain-bhai and other AAP- bhais just because they are doing so much welfare for the Dilli public.

And so, I laughed scornfully at the CMAWS report that day.  Hohoho. Hahahaha. 

O Kejriwal-bhai,  a thousand times I apologize, from the heart of my bottom to bottom of my heart I apologize, but I laughed heartily at CMAWS that day.

But then two days ago I again saw a report on CMAWS in my paper—this time, a full-page colour advertisement! It has your smiling photo in it!

It not only confirms that CMAWS is true and real and not some horrible BJP feku news , but it describes the many benefits of this thoughtful welfare scheme created by you for Dilli’s long-suffering Advocates!  

I have since then visited the CMAWS website and am delighted to learn many thrilling facts like the following:

  • CMAWS gives every Advocate registered with Bar Council of Delhi a group Life Insurance Cover of Rs 10 lakhs
  • CMAWS also gives group Mediclaim Insurance floating cover of Rs 5 lakhs for the Advocate and his/her family members
  • As many as 22,467 advocates and their family members are beneficiaries of CMAWS based on the ‘First List’ of the scheme. 
  • Another 29,612 advocates and their family members arebeneficiaries of CMAWS based on the ‘Second List’ of the scheme.

Most excitingly, the advertisement announces that you have extended the last date for registration and application under CMAWS  to April 17th 2023!!

I am overjoyed to inform you, dear Kejriwal-bhai, that I have accepted your kind invitation and have separately applied for registration and inclusion of my own name under CMAWS.

Of course, prima facie  my application is liable for rejection because I am not an Advocate.

However, as I have explained in the Introduction and Annexures 2 (d) and 6(a) of my CMAWS application:

  • I am an obscure, struggling, ageing self-employed writer, and as such I too am among the vulnerable, neglected, impoverished  and persecuted sections of society.  
  • My annual income has never exceeded and will never exceed Rs 6 lakhs, which is well below the Rs 8 Lakhs ceiling imposed by Government of India for determining ‘Creamy Layer’ status of OBC.
  • Also, as evidenced by attested copy of receipt in Appendix 2 of my application, I have in March 2023 paid the sum of Rs 53,673 as annual renewal premium for a health insurance policy of face value of a piddly little Rs 2 lakhs.  As a consequence, I am currently surviving on various permutations and combinations of aloevera sabzis, grass-flavoured daals (no, not the smoking kind, that I gave up), and the occasional banana.
  • Hence, I would deeply welcome any support by way of getting a health insurance cover of Rs 5 lakhs or more…especially if it is at taxpayers’ expense, as under CMAWS.

In conclusion, dear Kejriwal-bhai, I once again congratulate and thank you for creating an excellent and innovative affirmative action scheme like CMAWS!  I am confident that with the launch of CMAWS, any and all legal problems that any and all AAP members may face any time at all in the future will be eagerly and ably taken up and resolved by the tens of thousands of joyous Advocates who have already joined and will continue to join and reap the benefits of this brilliantly schemed scheme.

Please do convey my best wishes to Sisodia-bhai when you meet him next.

Namaskaar! Jai Hind!!


(R P Subramanian)

5 thoughts on “A Letter of Appreciation for Shri Arvind Kejriwal re. “Chief Minister Advocates’ Welfare Scheme”

  1. Sweet and sharp knife that readers will surely understand between the lines if not things mentioned on the lines.
    I wish all the best for positive consideration of your double edged insurance application.
    All the best 👍🙏

  2. A force of evil worse than Raktabij has infiltrated the nations domain- if we don’t realise soon enough the country would soon be in the hands of vested colonial powers

    1. Raktabija!! How aptly that terrible, salamander-like Asura mirrors the virulent psychosis that is taking hold of so many young minds across India and corrupting them towards destroying their own land, and themselves with it…

  3. Ha ha ha Mani, your pen gets sharper by the post and this one is an absolute delight. I do hope your most deserving and impassioned plea to be included in the CMAW or whatever claw scheme is accepted the ever-smiling Kejru bhai. Do accept my heartfelt sympathies for having to depend on aloe vera and sundry other juices and a single banana for lack of a proper insurance cover. Tch tch. Do keep me posted.

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