I live in Delhi; and also in all the places I’ve been, and very often in all the places I want to be in or imagine myself to have been in. I love the hills and forests; and music, and laughter, and filter coffee, yoga, cooking, walking and comfortable silences. I write, scribble, doodle and sketch; daydream a lot; read a little bit and remember very little.

In the Plutonium Doghouse

Sixty thousand years ago, our dear ancestral cave-people snarled and hurled abuse and rocks and bones at their neighbouring cave-people, even as their respective supporters cheered and goaded them on while keeping themselves at a safe distance… Today, Russia devastates Ukraine with missiles and other frightful weapons after…

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Saying goodbye should never be hard…

Like atoms in a Universe are we all, drifting

Endlessly, without beginning, now here now there

Coming together perchance, then moving apart once more

In the Dance of the Cosmos, that began even before Time began

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