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Cosmic gurgle

Does your mind reel when endless ‘holy’ wars are fought

By believers in gods or prophets, against those who believe not?

When some deem cows ‘holy’, and so not fit to eat

And others deem pigs unholy, and pork a sinful meat?

Diminishing Divinity to what should or should not

Go into your cooking pot?


Surely, the One manifests, in love, compassion, joy, grace

In Nature’s harmony, awesome infinite Space

In children’s innocence, amour’s sublime passion

In the grandeur of cosmic balance, stasis in action

This Truth dwells within very being, in every place

In the baby’s delighted gurgle, the saint’s serene face


Behold! In that religious kook’s tooth – a calcium atom

That recently passed through an earthworm’s bottom…

‘Fore that, for eons this atom danced and ranged

Among a million bodies, across the planet – itself unchanged

A Truth as wondrous, as certain, as Spring’s softening to Autumn

A Secret, perhaps…yet one a child can easily fathom!


And look! There, in that crow’s eagle eye, sparkles a photon

That a decade ago sped past distant Procyon

Borne Earthwards a-straddle a cosmic ray

Crow blinks…and now the photon’s away

‘Twill streak by Neptune later today, heading to Orion

Tiny Space-Time voyager: Eternal, Unborn


In hills and rills, stones and bones, leaves and hide

In crystals and beings, inside and outside

Behold energy- turned-matter, bits of the Divine

Batter to bake the Cosmic Cake—and brew the Wine!

Ever changing yet eternal, rhythmic as the tide

Awakening the quark, the neutrino, the very Universe wide


In you today, in me tomorrow

Untouched by joy, passion, pain, sorrow

Ecstatic Players, in the Theatre of Great Allah

Dancing in abandon, Great Shiva’s Tandava

Star-Children, God’s children are we all, in Creation’s ebb and flow

Oh listen to the music and dance! Let’s lead, let’s follow


And  if the mind reels when, in the name of Divinity

Humans forsake humanity for murderous insanity

Despair not! With the Flame of Reason, lighten thy heart, thy ethos…

Rekindle the Spark; discern Order in the Sea of Chaos

And dance as your Oneness with the One illumines Infinity

And smile at the echo of the Cosmic Chuckle in the Halls of Eternity


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Rahul vs Modi – Globetrotter Challenge

Remember all the jokes about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s frequent overseas trips?

How I laughed!

But now, while researching the overseas junkets of our beloved MPs, I’ve discovered a curious thing. And I’m laughing even harder.

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has travelled abroad much more than Prime Minister Modi.

Consider the data.Rahul the globetrotter

In the calendar year 2015 and up to date (i.e. January 13, 2016), Prime Minister Narendra Modi spent a total of 55 days on overseas visits.

In the calendar year 2015 and up to date (i.e. January 13, 2016), Rahul Gandhi spent a total of 86 days on overseas visits! That’s more than 1½ times the number of days spent by Modi abroad.

Now, you and I and everyone’s uncle and bhatija and periappa can argue till Laloo’s cows come home about what Modi’s visits have or haven’t yielded India. But this much is certain: Modi’s 55 days on overseas visits and their purposes are all in public domain, not just on the PMO’s site but even on Wikipedia. And since on 54½ out of those 55 days Modi was on official duty (state visits, attending UN/ASEAN conferences and so forth) and I knew exactly where the man was and what he was doing there, I as a tax-payer don’t mind part-subsidizing Modi’s travel expenses – except for Modi’s  half-day private visit, on 25th December, when on the way back from Kabul he stopped by in Lahore to greet Nawaz Sharif on his birthday.

But friend Rahul Gandhi is a different matter.

All of Rahul Gandhi’s 86 days abroad were ‘private visits’, whatever that means. I never knew where Rahul was; I did not know why he had gone where he had gone; I did not know what he was doing there (if at all he did anything). And I still don’t know any of these things. That’s because Rahul’s movements have always been as hidden as the signs of his intellectual abilities, as dense as the collective wisdom of the Congress High Command. There are great tracts of time where no-one (barring, perhaps, his mother Sonia) seems to have known whether the man was in India, or abroad, or in some extra-galactic realm of self-discovery. Not even Rahul himself.

“It’s none of your business where Rahuljee is or was,” was/is the standard testy response of the First Family’s minders when asked about the whereabouts of the Great Leader.

Indeed, I grant Rahul Gandhi, as a fellow-citizen, the freedom and the right to go where he pleases to go and do what he pleases to do – as indeed I and my 1300 million fellow-Indians reserve and joyfully exercise these rights.

But Rahul is a Member of Parliament, while I am not. As an MP, Rahul is a Representative of the People of India; not just of the Congress party. Just as Narendra Modi, as MP, is Representative of the People of India and not just of the BJP.

They are answerable to us.

And therefore, I strongly object to Rahul’s disappearing from his duties to the People of India – that too for weeks or even months at a time – without notice on ‘private visits’ about which I/we know nothing.

The Congress might protest that Rahul paid for his own tickets and for whatever else he might have done during these holidays. Even granting that Rahul did so, what about the costs for his SPG cover, their tickets, their stays and so forth? As a tax-payer, I strongly object to being asked to subsidize totally unproductive ‘private visits’/holidays by my MP Rahul Gandhi.

“What about Modi!” the Congress spokespersons might shriek. “He didn’t tell anybody about his private visit to Lahore! Why don’t you object to Modi’s private visit to Nawaz, hey?”

It is a valid point.

So here’s a suggestion: when Parliament reconvenes, the House may order recovery of all expenses on private visits made by Narendra Modi (½ day) as well as Rahul Gandhi (86 days) from their respective salaries as MPs. The recovered sum may be directly and speedily credited toward a worthy cause – like providing better software for the Income Tax Department, to enable faster processing of IT Refunds due to the millions of suckers like me.

Jai Hind.