Congress’ Amorous Campaign, 2019

Let us rejoice! For the Congress promises to bring us a brighter, more loving future in 2019:

When Rahul Gandhi conquers the Sangh Parivar

With his boundless love, and assumes power

A leading newspaper columnist has revealed that the Congress Party is planning to make Rahul Gandhi’s hugging of Prime Minister Modi a center piece of its 2019 general elections campaign.[click here to read report, or go to https://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/columns/inside-track-hug-vs-slug-5281082/]

Rahul's boundless love
Rahul’s boundless love

The idea of a Congress Love Campaign fills us with delight.

Almost as much delight as Prime Minister Modi must have felt in the Lok Sabha that fateful July day, when, after Rahul delivered a passionate speech that blended incoherence, irrelevance and insolence in the proportion of 40:30:30, the youthful 49-year old Congress president suddenly and unexpectedly announced in ringing tones his boundless love for all humanity, including even Modi; declared his resolve to convert all Indians, including even the BJP members, to become loving Congress acolytes; galloped across the hall, stood over the bewildered Modi and commanded him to rise and receive his (Rahul’s) hug; and when Modi failed to oblige, bent down and clasped the PM, unasked, in a strong and presumably loving embrace.

We witnessed it live, gentle reader.

We choked; we nearly wept; so overcome were we with mirth.

We respectfully urge Rahul and the Congress to build on Rahul’s infantile performance, and to focus their electoral love campaign on mobilizing the young voters of tomorrow—the younger, the better!

With this principle in mind, we offer the following visual as our humble contribution to the Congress creative team’s ’ efforts. A small baby step that, we hope, will enable Rahul to assume charge of India and spread his message of Universal Love and Hugs.

Congress campaign ad 2019
Possible poster for Congress’ 2019 campaign: Catch ’em young! 

Hail jhappi-pappi!

Jai hind.


6 thoughts on “Congress’ Amorous Campaign, 2019

  1. The one thing I will congratulate RG for is his fluency in Hindi.
    He has a lot to learn on other aspects of
    Statesmanship, he is still a novice!
    What mistake his party has done is to crown him when he is still learning the ropes .
    The result is a young inexperienced lad with a bloated ego and succumbing to the
    Its too late , the damage is already irrepairably accomplished-unless he gets rid of sycophants and surrounds himself with
    The oldtime congressmen……

    1. Oh yes, I forgot to add that, while his
      Crowning may have been premature,he should realise he has a lot, to learn
      and show humility in all his actions, with
      Loyal folllowers, as well as with others not of his party. Eating humble pie is often healthy ier than inflated ego.

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