Musings, Verse perverse

Cosmic gurgle

Does your mind reel when endless ‘holy’ wars are fought

By believers in gods or prophets, against those who believe not?

When some deem cows ‘holy’, and so not fit to eat

And others deem pigs unholy, and pork a sinful meat?

Diminishing Divinity to what should or should not

Go into your cooking pot?


Surely, the One manifests, in love, compassion, joy, grace

In Nature’s harmony, awesome infinite Space

In children’s innocence, amour’s sublime passion

In the grandeur of cosmic balance, stasis in action

This Truth dwells within very being, in every place

In the baby’s delighted gurgle, the saint’s serene face


Behold! In that religious kook’s tooth – a calcium atom

That recently passed through an earthworm’s bottom…

‘Fore that, for eons this atom danced and ranged

Among a million bodies, across the planet – itself unchanged

A Truth as wondrous, as certain, as Spring’s softening to Autumn

A Secret, perhaps…yet one a child can easily fathom!


And look! There, in that crow’s eagle eye, sparkles a photon

That a decade ago sped past distant Procyon

Borne Earthwards a-straddle a cosmic ray

Crow blinks…and now the photon’s away

‘Twill streak by Neptune later today, heading to Orion

Tiny Space-Time voyager: Eternal, Unborn


In hills and rills, stones and bones, leaves and hide

In crystals and beings, inside and outside

Behold energy- turned-matter, bits of the Divine

Batter to bake the Cosmic Cake—and brew the Wine!

Ever changing yet eternal, rhythmic as the tide

Awakening the quark, the neutrino, the very Universe wide


In you today, in me tomorrow

Untouched by joy, passion, pain, sorrow

Ecstatic Players, in the Theatre of Great Allah

Dancing in abandon, Great Shiva’s Tandava

Star-Children, God’s children are we all, in Creation’s ebb and flow

Oh listen to the music and dance! Let’s lead, let’s follow


And  if the mind reels when, in the name of Divinity

Humans forsake humanity for murderous insanity

Despair not! With the Flame of Reason, lighten thy heart, thy ethos…

Rekindle the Spark; discern Order in the Sea of Chaos

And dance as your Oneness with the One illumines Infinity

And smile at the echo of the Cosmic Chuckle in the Halls of Eternity


10 thoughts on “Cosmic gurgle

  1. Brillian -are you a poet at heart or an atomic scientist!
    Deadly combination… singing as you blow awaymyths!

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